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My orchid troll-mantis.

One day when I wanted to feed her, I opened her enclosure and bam. On her back, on the ground. Unmoving. I was suprised; she was hanging upside down a second ago! Had she died whilst hanging? So I picked her up, stroked her to feel how dry she was. How long had she been dead? Turned her around a bit, was about to pull her wings.. I mean if she’s dead I could well spread her.

And then I felt her move.

Ooooh. Troll mantis. She ran up my arm the next second, displeased with how I treated her. Well you’re a good actress missy. This picture was actually from the second time she tried this. I stopped believing her so I took my camera out. The pics are in order, she was laying dead like that until she jumped up.

Sometimes I let her out to roam. She’s very active so it’s always fun. And she likes my screen. Yes, her name’s Barbie, a friend named her. Don’t judge me!

I just realized, the way she is on that msn screen looks like she is censoring a word. I can’t remember for the life of me what I really said, but it surely isn’t what you think it says now! Promise!


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    YOU KEEP IT AS A PET?!? I am so jealous!! These are the prettiest insects!! So much orchid spam right now
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    One day. I will have one of these precious babies.